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Even though the use/meaning of prepositions can often be explained, it is Other examples of the use of the preposition of show it to be able to 

synonyms and related words: can. v. 1. to be able: rendered by maka- and ma- prefixes or by maaari or puwede with the infinitive; 2. to know how to: marunong,   able अबले / आबले / उबले ABLE= प्रतिभासंपन्न [pr.

Able to meaning

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Present Perfect: She has been able to manage the whole system so far. Past Simple: They  معنى able to, تعريف able to في قاموس المعاني الفوري مجال البحث مصطلحات ضمن قاموس عربي انجليزي. معجم شامل يحوي على معاني الكلمات العربية ومعاني الجمل العربية  شرح درس Grammar - Be able to في مادة English - اللغة الإنجليزية - الصف الثاني الإعدادي - الفصل الدراسي الثاني على منصة نفهم التعليمية، الشرح من مساهمات:  Able meaning in Urdu Laik لائق.

participation", meaning anyone can compete from their own home. and WT (taekwondo) are hoping to be able to expand and join in on the 

And about Whom Abu Bakr (RA) said âWomen will no longer be able to give birth to the likes of Khalid bin Al-Waleed.â (Ibn Kathir, Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah, The  This means that we identify you on our website via the cookie and, when you are on another website, are then able to show you marketing from us. For example  340 other words - similar meaning.

There isn't a single definition of “generations” of computers, but one common way defining generations was based on the technology used for the processors 

Able to meaning

to have the skill, strength, knowledge etc needed to do something I’ve always wanted to be able to speak Japanese. b) to be in a situation in which it is possible for you to do something I’d like to do more gardening, but I never seem able to find the time. What does able mean? Susceptible to action or treatment. (adjective) The brakes were able to be fixed.

Able to meaning

He can / is able to swim. My brother isn't able to drive a car 2. To talk about a general ability in the past, we use “could” or “was / were able to”. I could / was able to run very fast. I could / was able to jump so high. 3. However; when we talk about a specific success in the past, we should only use “was / were able to”.
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Able to meaning

I was able to attend the meeting yesterday. He actually attended the meeting. I could attend the meeting yesterday.

One must be able to become capable. 228+98 sentence examples: 1. There is only one success --- to be able to spend your life in your own way.
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Practically every store or company has an HR department or employee, depending on the size. It's often the first person or department you talk to when you apply for a job as well as the person who helps you when you have questions about you

able to do it Capable of completing a particular task or doing something.